Impact of mobile phones in the present era

Published: 05th January 2010
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Every time your phone rings, are you compelled to receive the call irrespective of where you are? Do you keep looking at your handset, hoping to receive an SMS? Rest assured that you are bitten by the mobile phone bug. The excessive use of mobile phones and increasing dependability on the electronic gadget is the first step to being hooked to a hand phone. There are several brands of mobile phones and Samsung Mobiles and phones from Nokia India are amongst the popular brands.

Mobile phones made their foray a decade ago and their popularity have been on a rise, ever since. The brands are numerous but the ones that stand the test of time like Samsung Mobiles and phones from Nokia India have emerged as the undisputed telecom market leaders. The impact of mobile phones is so outstanding, that despite being a third world nation, every teenager in India, owns a mobile phone as opposed to ten year olds in the west.

What are cell phones?

Although we have been so accustomed to using cell phones, very few of us know the principle behind cell phones and the mechanism of their function. Cell phones are essentially two-way radios, akin to the walkie-talkies of the past. However, they are much advanced, and diligent. Samsung Mobiles and mobiles from Nokia India, like other phones, function on the basis of conversion of radio waves into sound waves.

As a user talks over the phone, the voice (sound wave) is captured and converted into radio waves. These waves then travel through the medium of air until they reach the receiver, often found at the base station. The base station then sends the call through a telephone network till it contacts the owner of the dialed number. So, the principle involved is the simple conversion of radio waves into sound waves and vice versa.

The application of mobile phones:

Mobile phones give users the ability to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. It has evolved over a period and is witnessing continuous up gradation. Although it was initiated with the concept of connecting people, mobile phones today, are much more than that. The most advanced models are akin to any of the portable electronics, used for gaming and music. Samsung mobiles and mobiles from Nokia India, have contributed to the growing trend of technically advanced mobile phones in India.

Leading players provide foremost features:

Samsung mobiles and mobiles from Nokia India have an extensive catalogue that range from basic, affordable handsets; to the technically advanced ones. In addition to features like high resolution cameras and option for play station navigation, the leading mobile manufacturers like Samsung mobiles and Nokia India, offer a wide range of accessories meant for tech savvy users.

The impact of mobile phones in our society:

A busy lifestyle means there is less time to spend on mundane activities. To the rescue, come mobile phones, which allow, people who are separated by distances, to communicate in the most hassle free manner. Mobile phones for Samsung and Nokia India not only bring people together but also serve a host of other functions. Communication through SMS, MMS and email is now possible via mobile phones. Social networking is yet another amiable feature supported by many advanced handsets.

The impact of mobile phones in business:

Smartphones have revolutionized the work scene, where, we no longer have to stick to our work desk. Getting work done, while on the move, is easier with business phones. The types of mobile phones that help in business include:

Windows Mobile: It offers simple data syncing with Microsoft Outlook.

Blackberry: Traditional BlackBerrys, such as the 8700 series, sport spacious QWERTY keypads, for hassle free thumb typing, while the smaller Pearl models use a technology called SureType to allow fast typing, with multiple letters.

Palm: Palm Treo smart phones are prominent business handsets, by virtue of their very simple user interface. In addition to the basic features, Palm has also extended its offerings to encompass Windows Mobile as an option, with BlackBerry Connect service, thereby making it a practical choice for larger business networks.

Mobile phones have had a phenomenal impact on the society. Samsung mobiles and phones from Nokia India are gizmos that offer entertainment, internet enabled services, email facility, social networking and a host of other technically upbeat features. Mobile phones have conveniently replaces the PDA, laptop (communicator phones and smart phones) and hi-tech digital cameras. Not only do they provide ease of access but are easy to carry around too. Mobile phones have emerged as the perfect example of multitasking gadgets. The impact of mobile phones is manifold. Akin to technology that never ceases to improve, mobile phones are in a constant mode of up gradation; providing enhanced accessibility to the masses. - the exciting shopping destination that offers Books, Automobiles, Lifestyle & Beauty products, camera, apparels, gifts, mobile phones like nokia india, Sony ericsson, Lg, Samsung mobiles etc and many more at low price and free shipping within India.

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