Diwali Gifts Offers: Bring Home Surprises

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Published: 29th October 2012
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While every Indian loves to revel into shopping spree during any time of the year, diwali is a special occasion when shopping takes centre stage and customers relish this humongous extravaganza, which lures them to spend even their nest egg and gets their flexible friend (credit card) swiped for number of times for innumerable products. This festival is celebrated by every stratum of society Ė from the prosperous to the pauper, everyone joins this bandwagon. For the well-to-do, money is not a problem, but for a budget-conscious class, they canít even dream of spending bucks like water. But no worries! Diwali comes with oodles of diwali offers and festival discounts; make the most of these offers and enjoy the festival!

Season of Offers
For a decade, India has seen an upward trend in online shopping and vendors and shop-owners take advantage of this new habit of buyers. However, this has given birth to fierce competition between online and offline marketers only to give benefits to consumers. During festivals like diwali, there are offers galore and this invites customers to shop liberally. This year shopping portals have launched a series of diwali 2012 offers on products ranging from lifestyle to electronics, gifts, cameras, accessories, fashion & apparels, mobiles and other items. In some categories, portals offer buy-one-get-one free and for high-end products, they give out one free product with the primary purchase. Cash-back offers are sure-fire way for shoppers as consumers are more interested on saving some bucks. Free-shipping is one of the successful diwali offers as customers feel that shipping cost empties his pocket unnecessarily.

Shopping @ Discount
Discount is something irresistible for Indian consumers; the moment they hear this word, they canít stop themselves from rushing to a nearby shop. Well, here they inevitably visit the web store and place order for something. Portals sense this weakness of buyers and introduce diwali discount offers during or after Navratri so that customers can shop till the last moment (or till the last penny in their pocket!). Diwali discount offers create a win-win situation for buyers and sellers; while customers get better products, for vendors, itís an opportunity to clear their pending stock.

Diwali Gifts Shopping
Diwali is an occasion to come close to your loved ones; for members of thousands of families, who live far from each other, itís reunion time. While coming home, they bring some diwali gifts for their family; however, there are many, who miss their siblings & parents as they live abroad. For them, shopping portals provide diwali gifts offers online. They can get offers on diwali gifts from any corner of the world. There are number of NRIs, who visit e-commerce sites and send Diwali gifts online to their friends & families in India. This new trend is gaining ground as portals are inundated with thousands of gifts options so that customers can select perfect gift, place order and pay online.

Diwali is such a big festival that even if sellers do not give any diwali offers, consumers would go for shopping. During this festival of light, people leave no stone unturned to celebrate in a grand scale. They buy, beg, borrow and if need be, steal; letís hope, they donít have to resort to this action.

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